UA-149348414-1 The Hindu vocabulary 11th Nov 2021

The Hindu vocabulary 11th Nov 2021

1. ABSOLVE (VERB): (दोषमुक्त करना): exonerate

Synonyms: discharge, acquit

Antonyms: blame

Example Sentence:

The pardon absolved them of all the crimes.

2. PREJUDICIAL (ADJECTIVE): (हानिकारक): detrimental

Synonyms: damaging, injurious

Antonyms: beneficial

Example Sentence:

The proposals were considered prejudicial to the city centre.

3. IMPOVERISH (VERB): (शक्तिहीन करना): weaken

Synonyms: sap, exhaust

Antonyms: strengthen

Example Sentence:

The soil was impoverished by annual burning.

4. RELIABLE (ADJECTIVE): (विश्वसनीय): dependable

Synonyms: good, well founded

Antonyms: unreliable

Example Sentence:

Newspapers are no more a reliable source of information.

5. DASTARDLY (ADJECTIVE): (दुष्ट): wicked

Synonyms: evil, iniquitous

Antonyms: noble

Example Sentence:

We all know the pirates and their dastardly deeds.

6. EVADE (VERB): (बचना): elude

Synonyms: avoid, dodge

Antonyms: confront

Example Sentence:

Friends helped him to evade my woes.

7. APPREHEND (VERB): (पकड़ना): arrest

Synonyms: catch, capture

Antonyms: let go

Example Sentence:

A warrant was issued but he has not been apprehended.

8. ONGOING (ADJECTIVE): (चल रही है): in progress

Synonyms: under way, going on

Antonyms: finished

Example Sentence:

Negotiations are ongoing right now.

9. REVIVE (VERB): (फिर ताजा करना): reinvigorate

Synonyms: revitalize, refresh

Antonyms: torpefy

Example Sentence:

The cool, refreshing water revived us all.

10. OPERATIVE (ADJECTIVE): (क्रियाशील): in force

Synonyms: effective, in 

Antonyms: invalid

Example Sentence:

The transmitter is operative.