UA-149348414-1 Why Humans have a pointed nose while chimpanzees and monkeys have flat nose?

 Why Humans have a pointed nose while chimpanzees and monkeys have  flat nose?

Have you ever imagined why humans have a pointed nose while our cousins I mean monkeys and chimpanzees have a flat nose?

                                Let's understand the whole scenario of it's evolution. Humans are  two legged creatures so we walk upright perpendicular to the earth. So our wind pipes are also in vertical position . For their easy respiration they should have a nostrils parallel to their wind pipe because they can suck air along gravity without spending much energy. To fulfill this mechanism humans have a pointed nose.

                                  Vice versa monkeys and chimpanzees are four legged animals. They travels on their 4 feets and their wind pipes are parallel to ground . So their should be a nostrils in same plain so they can suck air easily by spending least amount of energy. So they have a flat nose.

              Humans and monkeys have same ancestors. They evolved and got their present form from  same ancestors by the process of evolution. Humans got a perfect pointed nose and monkeys got a flat nose as their requirements. Now u can imagine the process of evolution is so beautiful and perfect.

               May be this is the reason behind human's pointed nose. It's just my thought.

-Kashish Bagi