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 Best English poetry-Last peak

It is so clear the meaning of moving forward

If all the 10 directions were in front not around us.

It is so easy to keep moving on,

Only if we were moving and rest everything was still.

I have tried to think about this a senseless world with ten heads,

I have tried to achieve it with 20 hands,

and I have made it very difficult for me.

In the beginning, everyone wants to start from the beginning,

But lose courage till they reach the end,

We are not interested in how it ends,

That which started with pomp and show as per our wish.

While accomplishing difficult jungles and high mountains,

When you win the last peak,

When you feel there is no difference left

between you 

And the roughness of those stones that you have won.

When you will bear the first storm of ice on your forehead

And you will not tremble

Then you will find that there is no difference in winning everything

And not losing hope till the end.

[Originally written in Hindi by Kunvar Narayan(कुंवर नारायण)]


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