UA-149348414-1 Origin of epidemic and how it becomes pandemic - Corona virus

  Origin of epidemic and how it becomes pandemic - Corona virus

Introduction of a virus

A virus is a submicroscopic infectious agent that replicates only inside the living cells of an organism. Viruses infect both flora and fauna including microorganisms such as bacteria and archaea. Viruses need a host cell to survive.


It was first time described by Dmitry Ivanovsky in 1892 article as a non-bacterial pathogen infecting tobacco plants later it was discovered (Tobacco mosaic virus ) by Martinus Beijerinck in 1898 by using Pasture-Chamberland filter. Though it was first discovered in 1892, it has existed in nature for almost million years. It evolved along with other species by time.

The random mutations

When  new viruses come into existence they are quite weak. They take hundreds or may be thousands of years to reach a random mutations. In fact mutations also occur regularly among all the organisms naturally which is the reason for formation of a new species from sudden and unexpected emergence of alterations in their defining traits.

How a virus causes epidemic

Animals and birds serve as hosts to viruses. In the hosts viruses mutate and sometimes they accelerate and become more virulent due to sudden change in their genes. Few viruses are deadly only for animals however few of them are deadly for humans too. Whenever humans come in contact with host which are carriers, viruses enter  human body and make them new host and show their virulent form and  affect human organs, These viruses are infectious and spread rapidly from one host to another host. In this way they cause epidemic. But notice that these all processes happen naturally not artificially. For example: A rabies virus existed in a dog's body for centuries but in later 19th century it became so virulent that if a dog bit a human, Rabies viruses entered into human body and affected so badly that irlt led the death of humans. Later Louis Pasteur invented first vaccine to cure this disease caused by dog's rabies virus. For second example you can read history about plague which was caused by rats and rodent and killed approximately 1/3rd populations of the world. 3rd example is SARS virus. 


What if these mutations were to be induced artificially in the labs

A potentially weak virus which affects a particular group of animals. Take for example the virus that affects bats cannot affect human to that dangerous extent. Then think about corona virus , how did it become so virulent and dangerous for humans? Let's understand it - 

Virology is a specific branch of Microbiology which involves studying about virus. If you take a specific virus and genetically engineered it means get artificial mutation done in a lab not naturally in hundreds or thousands but in a short period of time . This process is known as "Gain of function mutation". In this process a virus gets it's lost character which it has lost in the process of evolution. These all things are done in the lab  and in case of corona virus may be the same has happened. May be it has been genetically engineered.Maybe the antigen which the virus has got,is more virulent and has not occurred in environment naturally and humans do not have immunity to it that's why Covid-19 strain is so dangerous and deadly.

See,In modern days civilization , in the name of scientific achievement and development , Instead of using technology wisely how humans are using it selfishly to cause harm . It's unfortunate.

"Science is a double edged sword you can use it for benefits of life or destroy it,it's a wise choice we all have to make."


- Kashish Bagi


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