UA-149348414-1 Cable squats

 Cable squats

Cable squats

Equipment required -

Cable machine.

Primary muscle groups

Middle Back/Lats , Quadriceps


Abd, Biceps , Calves ,Hamstrings

What is Cable Squat ?

It is a gym workout doing with cable machine that targets Middle back, Quadriceps ,Calves and Hamstrings. It is also effective for abs and biceps.

How to do -

  • Take a straight bar attachment, Attach it to the lowest row of a cable machine.

  • Keep your core tight ,back straight and neck in line with your spine. Push through heels & squeeze glutes on top of each rep.

What is more effective?  Cable squats or Normal (without cable) squats.

No doubt, using a cable machine to do squats is less effective and inefficient approach to a great exercise. One reason normal Squats are so effective is because they challenge your body to stablize a load in space.

Precautions -

  • Do the exercise as required.

  • Take regular rest.

  • Do exercise in sets as per your strength.

  • Increase the number of sets and number of squats every 2 - 3 days.
Cable squats

Cable squats

Cable squats


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