UA-149348414-1 We all have 4 wives

 We all have 4 wives

upon a time there was a king with 4 wives. One day the king got sick and was on his deathbed. Afraid of being in the afterlife alone.

                 He asked his 4th wife which he loved the most and bought her diamonds, gold and elegant clothing. 

                He asked her would you die with me to the afterlife ? The 4th wife replied I am sorry, I can't do that and walked away.

                 He also loved his 3rd wife and was very proud and would always show her off too neighbouring kingdoms. So he called on his 3rd wife and asked would you accompany me to the afterlife. The 3rd wife replied I love my love too much and I'm sorry. I can't go with you and when you die I am going to remarry.

               His 2nd wife has always been there for him in his times of need, so he asked, " Would you accompany me to the afterlife?" The second wife then replied," I'm sorry that I can't help you out this time but what I can do is arrange your funeral and I will be there for your funeral.

                  A voice called out and said,"I'll leave with you and follow you wherever you go even if it is to the afterlife. The king looked and it was his 1st wife. But this was the wife that he took care of the least. He felt embarrassed and said," I'm sorry.I should have taken more care of you and given you more attention when I was alive.

               The moral of the story is that we all have 4 wives. Our 4th wife is our body. We like it to decorate with nice jewellery, nice clothing. But in the end  it can't follow us to the after life.

               The 3rd wife represents our possessions. We spend so much time trying to gather possessions but in the end they cannot follow us to the afterlife. It will be given to the other people and divided just like the 3rd wife said she is going to remarry.

                The 2nd wife is our friends and family. We trust them. They are always there for us in times of need. But they furthest they can go with us is to our funeral and send us off.

                The first wife represents our soul. We usually neglect taking care of our soul. That is the thing that will follow us to the afterlife.

             So care for your body. Keep it healthy. Enjoy your possessions and the comfort they provide. Cherish your friend and family for the love that they provide. But don't forget to take care of your soul. Nourish your soul. Take time to be alone. Take time for your soul. Take time to meditate. Because it is  the source of all of your life and most faithful friend.


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